Developer's Briefing

Greetings! This is the Combat Arms: Reloaded Development Team Manager.

As we mentioned in our previous briefing, there was much work to be done in order for us to reinforce the existing content over the last month.

Firstly, we have selected a few specialist items that were not likely to have a significant impact regarding balance and released them as Special Items.

In addition, the gift function, which was not available before is now reopened.
In regards to Elite Moderator (EM)/SEM (Super Elite Moderator), SEM will be released as a purchasable item while EM will be given as level-up compensation at certain levels.
However, the kick function which has been controversial among users for SEM, instead of limiting the number of times usable,
we have added a function that limits the number of kicks possible in certain period of time and restores them after a set timeframe.

Next month, there will be tasks to reinforce and improve existing contents and some of those will be improving contents such as quests and attendance check events.
For example, quests will be improved to add some more meaning on top of the existing logic.
In the case of daily quests, it will become more difficult depending on the level, but difficult quests will give a higher probability of better rewards.

For attendance check events, there is currently only common one event, but it will be improved so that many different variety of events such as new user events will be available.

Lastly, in the case of the SEM Kick function mentioned above, we believe there may be some users who may feel uncomfortable about the restrictions.

However, we would like to inform again on the original purpose of the kick function which was to create a healthier playing environment by eliminating harmful users.

If many users unreasonably abuse the use of the kick function, the penalties for such actions will be strengthened.
Please be careful not to abuse the use of this function.

We hope you know that we will always do our best to bring a better game experience for everyone.