Operation: The First Salvo


A new operation has opened up and players are invited to join.
The first official Clan Match Tournament of VALOFE for Combat Arms: Reloaded is here!
The mechanics of the tournament can be found below.

Tournament Date and Start Time:
January 20, 2018 at 18:00 (CET) / 09:00 (PST)

Game Mode: Search and Destroy
Matches per Match-Up: 2 Matches (Alternating Sides)
Goal per Match: 3 Rounds
Maps: Sand Hog and Warhead (Alternating per Match-Up), Short Fuse (Sudden Death)

Teams Competing: 10 Teams
Number of Players per Team: 7 Players
Team Composition:
1.) 1 Team Captain
2.) 1 Co-Captain
3.) 3 Members
4.) 2 Reserves

1.) All Weapons used in the tournament must be "Common" only.
2.) All Gears are allowed.
3.) Only Rank Lv. 10 and above is allowed to be part of a team.
- Team Members that do not follow the restrictions are automatically disqualified from the tournament and a Team Reserve will replace the player.
- If no Team Reserves are available to replace the player, the entire team will be disqualified from the tournament.

1.) Registration
-     Team Captains can register their clan and team through this link:
-     Teams from the same clan can also join, provided that you have your own Team Captain and Co-Captain set.

2.) Tournament Process
-     The teams selected for the tournament will be randomly selected.
-     Only 10 teams will be randomly chosen to play in the tournament.
-     The 10 teams randomly chosen will be announced on 01.17.18 15:00 (CET) / 06:00 (PST).
-     Teams will be informed via their Team Captain what their schedule will be in the tournament.
-     Teams are expected to be present before their scheduled match.
-     There will be a 5-minute grace period for late members of the team if the team has no Team Reserves left.
-     If a team cannot complete 5 members to play with and already exhausting their Team Reserves, they will then be automatically disqualified.

2.) Disconnections
-     If a member of a team gets disconnected, the match will still proceed normally.
-     The team may decide whether to have the player reconnect again, which may take a longer time, or have a Team Reserve take the member's place.
-     If an entire team disconnects, the entire team will be disqualified from the tournament.
-     If a mass disconnection occurs, the team having at least 1 member that did not disconnect automatically wins the match.

3.) Chatting
-     Players are not allowed to use the "ALL" chat once the round begins until it ends.
-     Players, however, are allowed to talk in the "TEAM" chat at any given time.
-     Players are advised to be alert and any GM Chat but are not required and allowed to reply.

4.) Exploits
-     Exploits include going to unreachable areas of the map, using one-way-shooting areas, other glitched areas of the map may have, and modem tapping.
-     Players caught exploiting in the tournament will be
PERMANENTLY BANNED and have the entire team disqualified.

5.) Third-Party Program (Hacks)
-     Players caught using any of these programs are automatically disqualified from the tournament along with their entire team.
-     Players caught will automatically be

Only one team will win the tournament. Each member of the team including the Team Reserves shall receive the following rewards upon winning the tournament:

Assault Rifle
G36 Valkyrie Sakura15 Days
Sniper Rifle
Snake DSR-1 Subsonic15 Days
8th Anniversary Dual Pistol (Common)15 Days
Victory Trophy15 Days