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Patch Notes 2020.10.14 [LINE POD OPENING]


  1. Server Stability
  2. Maintenance Downtime Compensation
    1. 200% EXP & GP Boost for 2020.10.14 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
    2. Basic Weapon Mystery Box Type A
    3. Basic Gear Mystery Box Type A
      • NOTE: MA Compensation can only be obtained on the day of MA after the servers are opened


  1. New Items Released

Make your gear stand out from the crowd. Show off a new style. Let the new meld with the old. Spice up your game with the new Cyberpunk gear.

Sale Period (10/14 ~ 11/10)

  1. Cyberpunk Mystery Box
  2. Cyberpunk Mystery Box x5
  3. Cyberpunk Mystery Box x10
    • NOTE: Note: If you buy the x10, 1 permanent item is guaranteed.
  4. Cyberpunk Weapons Package (Sale Period: 10.14 ~ 10.20)
  • Cyberpunk QBZ-95
  • Cyberpunk SV-98
  • Cyberpunk Ultimax 100


  1. New Accessories released

It wouldn’t hurt to have something a little fancy but it would really be great to keep some that will be invaluable soon. Don’t miss out on these awesome premium accessory offerings.

    1. Gold Bullet: EXP+ 20%
    2. Bronze Star: EXP +30%
    3. Gold Clover Coin: GP +20%
    4. Bronze Eagle Coin: GP +30%
    5. Orange Award: It increases skill one level
      • Note: These accessories have been added to Accessory mystery box


  1. World Conquest Event


We are on high alert. Hostile presence has been reported on different sectors. Orders have been given to be on standby and prepare for upcoming engagements. You know the drill! Remember your tradecraft. You’re a Ranger!

Move out!

Event Period (10/14 ~ 10/20)

  1. Clan occupation is added to the World Conquest event.
  2. Members of the clan cannot choose between JSF and CREED, and it is automatically determined which side they belong to.
  3. When JSF occupies the map, the JSF clan that played the most active role on the map gets additional rewards, and when CREED occupies the map, the CREED clan receives additional rewards.


  1. LINE POD Open Event

Join us in celebration as we open Combat Arms: Reloaded to LINE POD users. Take part in our exciting events as Combat Arms: Reloaded has reached another milestone. Check out our LINE POD Celebrations Events listed below.

  • HERE’S 200! (200% EXP & GP Boost)
  • GIFTS FOR THE ADVANCE PARTY (Pre-registration Bonus)
  • WELCOME TO COMBAT ARMS: RELOADED (1st Login Rewards to New Users)
  • SOUND OFF RANGER! (Attendance Bonus Event)
  • LOOK ELITE, FEEL ELITE. (Beginner’s Pack Revamp Event)
  • MISSION UPDATED: REWARDS INCREASED (New User 7-Day Progression Event)


  1. With LINE POD support, Traditional Chinese and Thai languages were added.