Patch Notes 2020.05.20 [Combat Week]


1.Server Stability

a.200% EXP & GP Boost for 2020.05.20 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
b. Respawn Token 15 pcs 
c. Ramadan Event 300% EXP & GP Boost (5/20~5/23)
•NOTE: MA Compensation can only obtain on the day of MA

3.Combat Week Special Rare Grade Item Sales Event (5/20~5/26)
- If you purchase 10 sets of the following and get a designated perm items
a. Rare AR Mystery Box X5: 1600 GC
b. Rare SR Mystery Box X5: 1800 GC
c. Rare SMG Mystery Box x5: 1600 GC
d. Rare AR Mystery Box X10: 4000 GC
e. Rare SR Mystery Box X10: 4500 GC
f. Rare SMG Mystery Box x10: 4000 GC
g. Rare Gear Mystery Box X10: 2500 GC

•Rare AR Mystery Box x10
1. Tohunga M4A1 SopMod

•Rare SR Mystery Box x10
1. Hexagon MSR Core+

•Rare SMG Mystery Box x10
1. Tiger P90TR SE Core

•Rare Gear Mystery Box x10
1. Global Advanced Terrain Backpack

4. Combat Week Event (5/20 ~ 5/26)
a.BSS GC Mileage 2x
b.Fireteam Bonus Rewards
c.Special Weapon Displayed in BSS and Store
d.Snowball Fight and Dead Vacation Open

5.Combat Week Sales event (4/22 ~ 4/28)
Spec Ops Mei Package (Camo) (Perm)
U.S. Recon Package
Lava Works Weapons Package
Black Lotus Weapon Package
Royal Crown Mystery Box X5
Plasma Boost Mystery Box X10
Tropical Summer Mystery Box V.2 X10
SWAT Mystery Box X10
Anubis Mystery Box X5
Steampunk Mystery Box X10
Hanafuda Mystery Box X5

6. Super Megaphone.
a. Super Megaphone released.
b. In commemoration of the Super Megaphone launch, we gave 5 Super Megaphone items to all users.

7. Bug fixed
a. Fixed clan creation, kick, and withdrawal bugs.
b. Fixed the clan war kill / death, victory etc. which were not recorded.
c. Fixed a bug where M4A1 Advanced Era's Fire Rate was too fast.