Combat Week Update! [ Server is now UP! Patch Notes 09.18.2019 ]


Combat Arms: Reloaded is now back online! The scheduled maintenance was completed on 09.18.2019 at 9:00 CEST / 09.18.2019 at 00:00 PDT / 09.18.2019 at 7:00 UTC


1. Server Stability


a. 200% EXP & GP Boost for 09.18 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
b. Respawn Token x15
• NOTE: MA Compensation can only obtain on the day of MA

3. Combat Week Event

a. BSS GC Mileage Double
b. Fireteam Bonus Reward
c. Special Weapon displayed in BSS and Store
d. Dead Vacation and Snowball Fight Open
e. EXP / GP 100% buff during Combat Week

4. Combat Week Sales Event

a. Hanafuda Weapons Package
b. Frost Package
c. Kamon Package
e. VIP Gear Mystery Box
f. VIP Weapon Mystery Box
g. Tactical Core Mystery Box
h. Animated Mystery Box
i. Special Weapon Mystery Box
j. Harlequin Mystery Box
k. Peculiar Mystery Box
l. Sniper Unlimited Mystery Box
m. Roaring Dragon Mystery Box

5. Combat Week Special Rare Grade Item Sales Event

a. If you purchase 10 sets of the following and get a designated perm items

• Rare AR Mystery Box x10
1. Snow Camo AR-15 Double Barrel Core+

• Rare SR Mystery Box x10
1. L96A1 Black-Magnum

• Rare SMG Mystery Box x10
1. Decal UMP45 SE CORE

• Rare Gear Mystery Box x10
1. Canada Day Vest

6. New Map Added

a. Red Canyon
b. Deadly Dunes
• Playing in this map will provide 100% EXP / GP BOOST

Thank you for your patience and support to Combat Arms: Reloaded!!