We would like to announce that all inactive clan will be deleted and deleted clan name can be used again.

Circumstances that need to be meet for the inactive clan and inactive clan leader to be deleted: 

1. Inactive Clan: 

a. Clans transferred from Nexon when transferred season and not active will be deleted.
b. Clan that has never had any clan member’s activity is deleted from the game.
c. Active Clan will remain in the game.

2. Treatment to Inactivate Clan Leader: Need to check how clan leader is displayed in Clan Messenger

3. Create Clan / Clan Disband / Join Clan / When leaving the clan

a. Current: Change can be applied but need to reconnect or re-login. 
b. Changed: Change needed to be applied immediately without reconnection / re-login

Thank you for your unwavering support for Combat Arms: Reloaded!