Steampunk Mystery Box Update! [ Server is up! Patch Notes 08.29.19]


Combat Arms: Reloaded is now back online! The scheduled maintenance was completed on 08.29.2019 at 10:25 CEST / 08.29.2019 at 01:25 PDT / 08.29.2019 at 08:25 UTC


1. Server Stability


a. 200% EXP & GP Boost for 08.29 Maintenance for the rest of the day.
b. Basic Weapon Mystery Box Type B
c. Basic Gear Mystery Box Type B
•NOTE: MA Compensation can only obtain on the day of MA

3. Combat Week ends

a. All related Combat Week Event removed.

4. Clan Change Update Automatically.

a. Creating Clan, Joining Clan, Leaving Clan, Kicking Member on the Clan, Updating Member Authorities, etc. will change/update automatically without re-logging in.

5. Premium Item Changed

6. New Item Released

a. Steampunk Mystery Box – 350 GC
b. Steampunk Mystery Box x5 – 1,400 GC
c. Steampunk Mystery Box x10 – 3,500 GC

7. New Items

a. Steampunk Vest (Brown / Black) 

b. Steampunk Hat (Brown / Black)

c. Steampunk Goggles (Brown / Black)

• NOTE: Playing the game with the new item equipped will provide 1 Rare Metal for 10 minutes.
• if you use 1 item you can get 1 rare metal in 10 min
• if you use 2 item you can get 1 rare metal in 9 min
• if you use 3 item you can get 1 rare metal in 8 min

8. New Cosmetics

a. Beach Straw Hat (Tropical / Grey)

b. Snorkeling Mask (Blue / Purple)

c. Beach Tube (Blue / Purple / Lime)

9. September Attendance. Hot time and EXP / GP Event Start

10. Tropical Summer Events End

Thank you for your patience and support to Combat Arms: Reloaded!!