Tropical Summer Special Event

Event Items

Event Period: August 1 ~ August 15
(Rewards can be received until 22. Aug )

Play the game within the event period and collect EXP.
You can get the reward if you obtain a specific amount of EXP.
By acquiring a specific amount of EXP, you can get New Weapons!

When you gain a specific EXP milestone you will get the following reward.
Like gaining 6,000 EXP today, you can get 2 X 2000 GP items by tomorrow.

Current EXP:  0
(Current EXP is updated daily AM 00:00 UTC)
Important Notes
1. Only the EXP acquired in the event period, not all the EXPs held by the character, is applied to the event.

2. Current EXP is updated daily at AM 00:00 UTC, so the acquired EXP is not reflected immediately on the same day.